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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Why am I getting I/O Error #2038 when uploading to My Files?

This error has to do with the way security is handled inside of the Adobe Flash Player browser plugin.  There are multiple versions of the plug-in that behave differently depending on which browser you use (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).  Our uploader uses the Flash plugin to make uploading multiple files at once possible.  If the Flash Player is not installed on your computer, or your Flash browser plugin is disabled, you will only be able to upload one file at a time.
Our uploader is configured to bypass Adobe's internal security handling procedures (which is part of the reason this error occurs), however, from time to time updates to the Flash Player can apparently interfere with this.  The fun part is that it doesn't affect everyone or every browser the same way, or even at all and unfortunately there is nothing we can do from our end when this occurs.
Here are some possible solutions:
  1. Make sure your internet browser is up to date by checking its About page (usually found under the "Help" option on the main menu).
  2. Try using another internet browser that is already installed on your computer (or get Firefox, Chrome, or Safari).
  3. Close any open internet browser windows.  Go into your computer's programs area where you can see what all is installed and uninstall Adobe Flash Player and any references to Flash Plugin (may have the name Shockwave or Macromedia), then go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ to download and install the latest version of it.
  4. If all else fails, go into the settings, extensions, or plugins area of your internet browser(s) and disable the Flash Player plugin so you can at least do single file uploads until a patch or update to the Flash Player is released (you'll usually know because your computer will visibly remind you about the update).
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