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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Why do my form submission emails contain duplicate questions & answers

This particular problem indicates that you have given multiple fields the same name and/or value.  It most commonly occurs with text input fields and checkboxes.  Right-click on each form field and select Field Properties from the list then edit their names/values as suggested below:
If you need more than one box for "Name" such as when you allow multiple people to register for an event on the same form, give each form field a slightly different name such as "Name1", "Name2", etc.
If you are using checkboxes to allow multiple answers to a particular question such as "What are you allergic to?", give each form field a unique name such as "Peanut_Allergy", "Dairy_Allergy", etc. and then enter the values for each field as "Yes" so that when someone checks that box, the submission email tells you exactly which fields they chose as shown in the form submission email example below.
Form submission email illustration
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