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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Why am I not receiving form submission emails?

There are several possible reasons for this particular problem.  Check the following to remedy the problem:
  • Check your junk/spam mail folder in both webmail and your mail program (if applicable) to be sure the form submission email didn't end up there
  • Verify that the recipient email address is spelled correctly by right-clicking anywhere in the form, selecting Form Properties, clicking Use System Processor, and clicking OK until you see the recipient address prompt
  • Check that you have setup an input field for the submitter's email address named "Email" and that you filled it out correctly when testing the form - if you do not include an Email field, our server will automatically mark the outgoing form submission email as having the same "from" and "to" address, causing many mail servers to delete the incoming email so that it never makes it to your inbox
  • Right-click on each form field and select Field Properties from the list and verify that you have named each field properly (no spaces or special characters)
  • If none of these help, contact us for further troubleshooting
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