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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Nothing happens when I click the submit button on my form

This could be an indicator of a number of potential problems with the form.  Below are the things to check in the page editor to remedy the problem:
  • Right-click on your "Submit" button and verify that the button type is set to "Submit".  If it isn't, you'll need to delete the button and re-create a new one.
  • Right-click anywhere inside the form, choose Form Properties from the list, and verify that all of the form properties have been established including form name (no spaces or special characters, and cannot be "Input"), site ID, recipient email address, and email subject
  • Right-click on each form field, choose Field Properties from the list, and verify that the field properties have been established properly (no spaces or special characters)
  • If none of these help, contact us for further troubleshooting
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