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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

How can I make my site viewable on mobile devices?

Your site is actually already viewable by internet capable mobile devices such as the iPhone, mobile phones, and PDAs. 

First, it is important to note that there are primarily two types of internet capable mobile devices:
  • Those that have full web browsing capabilities such as the iPhone and higher-end PDAs and PDA phones which display the entire site contents just as they would be viewed on a computer, however many of these devices will not display flash elements
  • Those that have mobile web browsers which display minimal amounts of site content, or the mobile version of the site, if one is available - this usually looks like an outline of the site navigation at the top with the center-column of content below

Keep in mind that all mobile devices have a very limited font set so if you utilize the "Webdings" font style or any non-standard font, the characters which have that font applied may be converted to something strange (the corresponding letter in the case of webdings) on the device.

All of the sites using our application have a mobile version that is automatically created by the system.  It can be accessed at: yourdomainname.com/mobile.  It is only necessary to use the mobile URL on devices which do not have full web browsing capabilities.  Devices with full web browsing capabilities can access the site the same way as a desktop or laptop computer.

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