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Sunday, October 02, 2022

What is a domain alias?

A domain alias is a domain which you are using to point to your primary domain name much like an email alias.
Let's say that your primary domain name is mydomain.com but you have also registered mydomain.net.  A domain alias can be set up for two primary purposes:
  • Website forwarding
  • Email forwarding
You can set up website forwarding on the mydomain.net name through your domain registrar account (you can find out where your name is registered by conducting a whois search).
If the email accounts for your primary domain name are set up through us, you can send an email to customer support requesting to have a domain alias added so that any mail sent to it accidentally will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate mail accounts.  For instance, say that you have the email account info@mydomain.com but someone accidentally sends a message to info@mydomain.net.  If you have a domain alias setup, the message will be delivered to the intended recipient.  And, because, it is a domain alias, and not a separate mailbox, you are only using one mailbox out of your alloted number of boxes.
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