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Friday, June 24, 2022

How do I make the submission of my form secure?

Any time you need to make the submission of a form process through a secure connection you can follow the instructions below:
  1. While creating the form, click "Use Other Processor" in the Form Properties dialog box.  If nothing happens, see Troubleshooting Forms for additional assistance.
  2. If the form has already been created, right-click anywhere inside of the form and choose the "Form Properties" option from the context menu, then click "Use Other Processor".  If nothing happens, see Troubleshooting Forms for additional assistance.
  3. When the "Explorer User Prompt" window opens place the cursor at the beginning of the URL line.  Just before the forward slash, enter the following: https://draco.websrvcs.com
  4. Click OK. 
  5. Click OK again and you're done!
**A note about the security of forms - These steps only cause the submission of the form to be secure from the website to the web server.  If you are not directing the form action to the URL for a secure database (i.e. you are allowing the form to be submitted through the standard processor to an email address), the security of the form will break down once it leaves the web server.  There is a chance that form information can be intercepted during its travel from the web server to the email account.  Additionally, if the email account is not being accessed through a secure connection (SSL or https://), it remains susceptible to interception. 
If you are requesting sensitive information such as payments or personal information you will need to send the form data to a database.  Third-party service providers such as idataforms and Formstack have inexpensive, easy-to-use system for creating secure databases to submit your form results to.  It will store them in a way that allows you to export them to virtually any type of spreadsheet program allowing you to track the data quickly and securely.

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