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Friday, June 24, 2022

How do I submit my podcast to the iTunes directory?

Follow these easy steps to submit a podcast to iTunes:
  1. If you already have the latest version of iTunes, skip this step. If not, download it for free. Keep in mind that it’s a pretty large download. Be prepared to wait a while or have something else you can be doing while it downloads in the background. Then, once it has been installed on your computer…
  2. Open the iTunes program on your computer
  3. Click the "iTunes Store" menu item in the left-hand column (as shown below)
    iTunes Store link illustration
  4. Click the "Podcasts" menu item in the upper right menu bar of the iTunes store page (as shown below)
    iTunes Podcasts link illustration
  5. Click the "Submit a Podcast" link in the right column of the Podcasts page of the iTunes store (as shown below)
    iTunes Submit a Podcast link illustration
  6. Enter in the URL for the podcast you wish to submit (you can get this by going to the web view of your site's podcast and then click on the POD button beside the podcast channel you want to submit and then copy the URL under Podcast Address in the onscreen instructions)
    iTunes Podcast URL field illustration
  7. Click continue and then follow the onscreen instructions. Note - You will have to sign up for a free iTunes store account in order to submit podcasts.
  8. The final submission screen will display various information based on what you have selected in the channel settings in your website's control panel.  The fields align as follows (iTunes term: Our term):
    • Artwork: "Cover Image" - the covert art may not show up immediately.  We have seen it take as long as several weeks to show up.  This is not something we have control over and will have to be addressed with Apple's iTunes Support.
    • Name: "Title"
    • Author: "Contact Email"
    • Short Description: None
    • Long Description: Contents of area below editor toolbar
More information on podcasts can be found at http://www.apple.com/itunes/store/podcastsfaq.html.

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