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Sunday, October 02, 2022

I get Page Not Found when clicking on My Files, How do I fix this?

This problem normally occurs due to a browser caching (memory) issue that happens while using Internet Explorer.  To fix the problem follow these steps:
  1. Close every Internet Explorer window that you have open except for the one that you are working in.  So if there are any pages that you have minimized or opened in tabs at the top of your browser, all of those need to be closed except for one.
  2. Click the Tools link in your browser menu
  3. If using IE7 - select "Delete Browsing History" and then click delete files and delete cookies
  4. If using IE6 or previous - select "Internet Options" and then click delete temporary files and delete cookies
  5. Once the processes have completed, close the browser completely and then reopen it
  6. When you log back into your site and attempt to access My Files again, it should open correctly
Contact Customer Support if you continue to have trouble.
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